28 February, 2017


In order to carry out a proper management and manipulation of the phytosanitary products, from Natural Bioinsecticides, we recommend following a series of indications which are oriented to maintain the safety of the operator and allow a better conservation of the products:

• High storage temperatures must be avoided

• Products will be stored in a clean, dry place, separated from food, animals and feed

• Follow the FIFO system (first-in-first-out)

• Follow the indications of the product labels

• Do not store containers on the floor, if avaliable on pallets or shelves

• Avoid proximity to flammable products

• Always keep containers closed during storage

• Remove empty and expired containers through an authorized waste manager

• The mixing area must be well ventilated and 25 meters away from surface water bodies

• Application of products by qualified personnel and with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)