7 March, 2017


Scientific name: Prunus domestica L.


Plum is a deciduous tree, native to Europe and Asia and belongs to the Rosaceae family. Their leaves are oblong, serrated, dark green, glabrous by the bundle and pubescent by the underside. The flower is solitary and of white color, are pentmers, with numerous stamens and bilobulated anthers. The fruit is a drupe.

It adapts well to limestone and compact soils, prefers temperate temperatures, but withstands cold climates. It is well adapted to sandy loam soils, permeable, well drained and with good organic matter content. The optimum pH for its cultivation is between 4.5 and 8.5.


The main pests of plum-tree are: Myzus persicae, Brachycandus amygdali, Hyalopterus amygdali, Scolytus rugulosus and Xyleborus dispa.

Quadraspidiotus perniciosus, Ceratitis capitata, Hoplocampa spp, Hyponomeuta malinellu and Cydia pomonella.