BIONA GRANT is a totally natural and organic product composed mainly of algae extract, free amino acids and calcium (Ca). Endows crops with greater vigor and resistance to biotic and abiotic factors, stimulates the development of the root system, strengthens cell wall structure, increases crop quality, stimulates potassium assimilation, increases size and quality of fruits, induces budding, flowering and fruit set, reduces the physiological fall of fruits and abortions. Due to its calcium content, it diminishes the physiopathies associated with its lack, such as fruit cracking, apical necrosis or soft noise.


BIONA GRANT is a high-quality natural biostimulant composed mainly of algae extract and amino acids. The plant is provided with precursors and inducers of vegetative growth, increasing plant mass, and antioxidants and osmolytes, delaying senescence and lengthening the life and production cycle of the plant. In addition, it stimulates the flowering, the fruit set and the mobility of calcium and potassium, providing a fruit of higher quality and more durable.

Calcium is a little mobile element and quite often there are problems related to calcium translocation, the contribution of BIONA GRANT counteracts these problems. In addition, the fact that complexed calcium is supplied allows it to be absorbed via stomatal, something very unusual but very effective.

BIONA GRANT induces defense mechanisms and adaptive response to abiotic stress due to changing climate.

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