BIONA CALATO is formulated with a high content of calcium (Ca) in the form of calcium oxide and as complexing agent acetic acid (acetate). Its application produces a high assimilation and mobility of this element within the plant tissue. We recommended the use of BIONA CALATO to correct deficiency states of calcium in plants, to correct the excess of salinity and to improve its structure of floors.


BIONA CALATO is a product with a double function: it corrects deficient states of calcium and corrects the excessive concentrations of salts in the soil. The calcium supplied is complexed with acetate and gives it high assimilation and high mobility. It is recommended to apply it radicularly because it contains a high amount of organic matter, it is also recommended to make periodic contributions to avoid problems related to the calcium deficit.

Fertilizer register according to RD 506/2013.

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